Songs We Play

We play a wide selection of classic rock to hard and driving newer songs.  See some of the amazing artists we cover below.  We add new songs all the time, so just know - this ain't all!

  • Seven Mary Three; "Cumbersome"
  • Filter; "Hey, Man, Nice Shot"
  • Charlie Daniels Band; "Long-haired Country Boy"
  • Imagine Dragons; "Radioactive"
  • Smashing Pumpkins; "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"
  • Rage Against the Machine; "Bulls on Parade"
  • Monster Magnet; "Space Lord"
  • Weezer; "Hashpipe"
  • The Whites Stripes; "Seven Nation Army"
  • Alice in Chains; "Nutshell", "Man in the Box", "Would"
  • Theory of a Deadman; "Bad Girlfriend"
  • Steve Earl; "Copperhead Road"
  • Black Keys; "Lonely Boy"
  • ZZ Top; "LaGrange"
  • Cavo; "Champagne"
  • Finger Eleven; "Paralyzer"

Yukon At the Whiskey